Good Telesena Natal 2021

Good Telesena Natal 2021

Follow here the

Results Tele Sena de Natal 2021 with Achou Ganhou which takes place this Sunday 12 atau 12 atau 2021 at 20: 00 hours. This will be the fourth draw of this

2021 Christmas campaign. Good Telesena Natal 2021.

Existing since 1991, Good Telesena Natal 2021. Tele Sena is a single- payment( PU) capitalization bond belonging to Grupo Silvio Santos.

Customers can purchase their Tele Sena at lottery outlets or post offices, and after a period of one year, they can redeem 50% of the amount paid, including interest and monetary correction.

With Tele Sena, the player can compete for several awards. Currently, there are six ways to win with the title, which we will explain throughout this article. But first, lets get to the Tele Sena result.

Result Tele Sena de Natal 2021

See below the result of this weeks Tele Sena de Natal 2021 which will distribute more than 7 Million Reais in prizes.

1st Raffle- 11 atau 21 atau 2021

02- 12- 15- 20- 37

Tele Sena Complete- 1st Raffle

81- 70- 74- 50- 78- 84- 54- 68- 66- 51- 80- 61- 60- 62- 83- 52- 58- 53- 77- 64- 72- 57- 59- 79

2nd Drawing- 11 atau 28 atau 2021

04- 05- 25- 32- 36

Tele Sena Complete- 2nd Raffle

75- 70- 79- 66- 76- 60- 83- 64- 86- 72- 82- 59- 71- 85- 50- 62- 67- 63- 68- 55- 78- 77- 54

3rd Drawing- 12 atau 05 atau 2021

06– 18– 40– 41– 48

Tele Sena Complete- 3rd Raffle

78- 82- 86- 74- 83- 66- 69- 59- 52- 68- 56- 50- 53- 79- 81- 73- 61- 80- 84- 72- 62- 67- 63

4th Raffle- 12 atau 12 atau 2021

22- 26- 28- 31- 45

Tele Sena Complete- 4th Raffle

50- 51- 52- 53- 59- 60- 62- 63- 64- 65- 66- 67- 68- 69- 70- 71- 72- 75- 76- 80- 81- 83- 84- 85

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5th Raffle– 12 atau 19 atau 2021

xx- xx- xx- xx- xx

6th Raffle- 12 atau 26 atau 2021

xx- xx- xx- xx- xx

Extra Sweepstakes– Every Day Prize

In this Christmas

2021 campaign there will not be an award called Prêmio Todo Ia, where 20 prize draws of R$2, 500. 00 are held every day during the campaign.

This was the result of this Tele Sena campaign, here you always have everything updated weekly with everything about the most wanted capitalization bond in Brazil.

About Tele Sena de Natal 2021

Before the internet boomed, the means of obtaining the results of the Tele Sena drawings were through television, where the drawings were carried out in“ live” broadcasting or through lottery houses and post offices.

These means of access have not changed and are maintained until today. The difference is that with the popularization and evolution of the internet, today there is one more way to access the results.

When checking the results of Tele Sena melalui the internet, the consumer has the convenience of checking inside his own home on his computer and ponsel pintar, without having to leave the house.

Another advantage of checking the result melalui the website is that if the player missed the television broadcast of the draw, he can see it at any time on the official Tele Sena web.

Here on our web, the Internet user can have access not only to the last draw, but to all weekly draws, and can also penapis Tele Sena.

To check all the results of Tele Sena every week, just bookmark our site. Remember that the consultation is open to any Internet user, that is, it is completely gratis.

Tele Sena Registration

However, it is still necessary to register on the Tele Sena web, as in case the player wins a prize, the Leadership Capitalização team can locate the winner and contact him.

Registration on the site is completely gratis and fast. If you have not yet registered on the Tele Sena gerbang, click here and you will be directed to our instructions page. Have your CPF number at hand, in addition to other perorangan documents.

See 6 ways to win with the result of Tele Sena?

As we explained at the beginning of this article, Tele Sena currently has six types of prizes during the term of the title in which the player competes. Do you know what these 6 forms are?

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If you are still new to the“ Tele Sena world”, see the types of awards below:

earn now

The Earn Now is nothing more than instantaneous awarding of the title. In it, the consumer scrapes the seven protective films from his card, being able to earn the amount of up to half a million reais in cash, following the current terms.

To be awarded, the player must locate the phrase determined in the Tele Sena general conditions.

Home Award

In it, the consumer can compete for the Prêmio Casa, within a period of one year after buying the title. When it is close to the redemption date, two houses corresponding to the value of R$300 thousand reais or in cash will be drawn.

Every Day Award

Each Tele Sena has a lucky number, which is registered inside the title. In keseluruhan, there are 34 daily prizes worth R$ 10 thousand reais.

More Points

In this form of possibility of awarding, there is a table with 25 dozens present on Tele Sena, where the consumer can write down the numbers that come out of the draws, according to the dates defined in his Tele Sena.

The results of Mais Points are broadcast every week on SBT, and guarantee the amount of up to R$ 1 million to the winner.

Less Points

This type of award is very similar to Mais Points, however, it differs in terms of points. In Kurang Points, in the same tens table, the player can be awarded.

If he wins alone, the consumer earns the value of R$ 500 thousand reais. In case of two winners, the amount is split between them.

Full Tele Sena Result

When the player completely fills the Tele Sena chart, he wins the amount of R$700 thousand reais. In the program that is broadcast on SBT, the drawings of tens are carried out, so that someone completes the table.

As in the Less Points bentuk, in case of more winners in the complete Tele Sena, the prize is divided into equal parts.

What are the chances of winning at Tele Sena?

Heres a question many Tele Sena consumers have: What are the real chances of winning?

According to probability calculations, a player World Health Organization plays a card and hits the six- tens mark( the most frequent pemukul bola pingpong) has a 50 million chance of getting it right.