Friends Um Crush Para o Natal

Friends Um Crush Para o Natal

This Thursday( 12) the producer Netflix released its first Christmas romance movie with a gay couple as the protagonist( finally). Friends Um Crush Para o Natal. A Crush For Christmas came to warm hearts with a well- crafted friends to lovers premise. Containing the necessary representation, the production brings the quality of a cast tied in a light Christmas atmosphere that every good romantic comedy of Eve asks for.

First of all, the alur tells the story of the bermain character Peter, a young man tormented by the famous phrase“ what about the sweethearts?” of family at family meetings at Christmas. Friends Um Crush Para o Natal. Tired of this, he asks his best friend Nick to pretend to be his companion on the trip to New Hampshire, where the protagonists family lives. But plans change course when his mother plays Cupid arranging a blind date for Peter. Thus, he finds himself confronting his own feelings.

The alur begins with the same feeling you get when you encounter a romantic comedy movie: A character World Health Organization questions absolutely everything about the current atmospheres of his life. It is the first positive poin we found, as understanding the depth of the protagonist helps those World Health Organization watch him connect with his true motivations and anxieties. Thus, Peter is not a dull character and disconnected from his own journey, which here, in this case, is romantic. However, merits need to be given to the secondary character Nick, World Health Organization at many points in the production is the pawn that makes the script flow.

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Also, just like in the alur, we come across truly gay actors in real life, which becomes a totally positive poin for the casting and chemistry that the characters will have as the story goes by.

The Christmas atmosphere here is not just for decoration. The context behind why it is Christmas is explained in Peters experiences. As the naturalness of this period is to present itself as a beautiful and light atmosphere, New Hampshire becomes a perfect place for the film to unfold with the ease it demands. Christmas ornaments, hot drinks and even a theater play further adorn the atmosphere, bringing that holiday feeling that many may enjoy.

The script is cliché, but when its done well its nomor dilema to imagine the end of those characters. Thats what happens with A Crush For Christmas in this case. You find yourself so wrapped up in the characters chemistry and the whole antagonistic comedy that you can barely see the predictable under your own nose( as does Peter).

Finally, A Crush For Christmas can be a great choice for you World Health Organization love an unassuming romantic comedy. The film fulfills its purpose of not offering a loaded alur, bringing the right amount of lawak, representation, and a Britney Spears choreography as the icing on the supper cake.