Download Throwing Penguin - Android Games (FREE)

Download Throwing Penguin – Android Games (FREE)

Sesudah lama tidak membuka website kali ini saya akan share Game lucu menarik yang layak kalian coba. Download Throwing Penguin – Android Games (FREE). Unduh Throwing Penguin– Android Permainan( Gratis).

Julukan Gamenya ialah Throwing Penguin, game itu mempunyai bintang film 2 akhir pingun perempuan dan laki- laki.

berikutnya detailnya:


Name of the Game is a Throwing Penguin World Health Organization is on a mission to find food as much, the food should he get namely, fish, seaweed, and coin.

He had the air slide to the right and to the left to catch the food, it can also increase the speed of the run with boost features.

To find the food is not easy she must be careful because a lot of stumbling blocks he had to pass through the sea lions, jellyfish, shellfish and giant caterpillar.

To mulai a step in foraging penguins must be pulled himself through the catapults that has been set it can also break at every rest catapults that has been set.

Features of the game:

– Simpel Play

– No login required

– You can choose player

– Handphone cerdas movement to the right and left

– Boost to add speed

– Game rhythm is amazing

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– Automatic motion Forward

If you encounter problems during installation or during play, please report it to us. We will try to fix it at the beginning.

Prevent the penguins to catch the enemy, you can play with pull the penguins and just move your phone left or right. Catch the Gas icon to move fast around the way.