This bolo mesversario natal

This bolo mesversario natal

Dont have the Chic Industrial Gaya? So it is! The term Rustic Chic seems even more contradictory than Industrial Chic… but it doesnt make sense to call it that: Rustic but chic party decoration? This bolo mesversario natal. So, lets see inspirations for parties( wedding, weddings, 15 years and more) using this tren?

Rustic yet chic party decor

The cool thing about this rustic but chic party decoration is that you can, according to the type of event, money and your taste, This bolo mesversario natal. make it more rustic or more chic and simpan with the confection or use of handcrafted pieces and do- it- yourself arrangements.

Note that the use of plants, sederhana pots, wood and alami fibers is luar biasa liberal

Good rustic and alami fabrics like those on this table are a perinci that is chic at the same time, see?

Even the cake can have a rustic look and the lighting is wonderful with these lamps that can even be made with baskets. I liked this rustic but chic party decor, folks!

Earthy colors have everything to do with a party in this gaya. And see the example of a more sophisticated table and another decorated with sederhana glass with flowers

Copper, cactus and even boxes made from pallets or wooden slats? YEA!!!( And go for the Industrial Gaya, can you see the mix???) But the good finish and essential cleanliness!

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Chests are already wajar to see, as are these hollow logam boxes with flower arrangements. They look really cute. And vases( luar biasa clean!) of plants on the tables set the rustic tone amidst the crystal glasses

Beautiful table with a macramé path( another luar biasa tren linked to Shabby Chic, but which is also rustic) and rustic barrels create a side table

Wooden crates full of flowers– perfect for the table! And the arrangement with flower and jute bottles and candle holders numbering the table

The flowery aerial arrangements on the table and the romantic, sederhana lighting

Again aerial arrangement with flowers on the table, lit with pots with candles. And see the rusticity in the fabric and napkin binding. Very fancy! Very sederhana!

For those World Health Organization like DIY, great ideas to simpan at the party

2 tables with details in wooden trunks and paths in rustic linen

Delights presented in a very rustic and romantic way on the side tables.